Sensual Harmony Therapy

Why Sensual Harmony Therapy?

We expend an enormous amount of time, energy and money in pursuit of the ideal partner. Yet, whilst we are so busy looking out there, we often lose sight of the lover that has been there all along.

It is our inner lover, the lover that exists within our selves.

Sensual Harmony Therapy is a gentle and holistic process of opening up to the intimate lover within.  It is from this authentic place, when we are truly present in our own inner loving connection with self, that we are able to fully share ourselves with another.

Sensual Harmony Therapy is a personalised program for women and /or couples wishing to explore the very essence of their inner being.

Each session is instructional and allows you to explore a deeper and more fulfilling connection to yourself in a safe, honouring and respectful environment.

What you will learn:

  • Simple breath techniques to enhance your sensuality
  • The Taoist Big Draw
  • Authentic Relating techniques
  • Sensual Touch
  • Release Energy Blocks
  • Chakra Diagnostic Technique
  • Tantra Positions
  • Clarifying your needs and desires
  • Astrological models in Relating
  • Rose Petal Massage
  • The Sacred Art of Intimate Play

There is no nudity or sexual touch.

The sessions are for individual’s and couples wanting a safe place to discuss and explore issues around sexual performance, needs, wants and communication issues and for those wanting more education to find  a more fulfilling sexual  connection for themselves and their partner.

Catherine’s approach is to listen to each person and then gently guide them to a clearer understanding of their issues.  The sessions  can include education, in-depth Psychotherapy, family of origin behavioural patterns and experiential techniques, including Eastern Taoist and Tantra techniques.


Bookings are  essential. To make an appointment, or for more information, phone 0418 550 569 or email

55 minute sessions for individual therapy $120

1.5 hour sessions for couples therapy $150

24 hours notice required for cancellations otherwise a full fee will be charged


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