ABC TV Documentary 2016 Luke Warm Sex – 3rd Episode
Demonstration with Luke McGregor on the benefits of Taoist Breath techniques


2016 Society of Australian Sexologists
Presented practical tools to work with clients utilising Tantra techniques in a therapeutic context, including techniques for alleviating sexual triggers/trauma and ‘conscious touch’ techniques.

2015 Celebrating Sexuality Festival
2 hour workshop presentation on The Sacred Art of Conscious Touch

2014 Sex Camp
2 hour workshop presentation on The Sacred Art of Conscious Touch

2013  Sex Camp
2 hour workshop presentation on Sex Power and the Shadow

2012 August Australian College of Applied Psychology
Guest for Grad Dip students on counselling clients with sexuality issues

2012 August Pleasure Forum Australia
2.5 hoursFour member Panel Q&A on Spirituality an Sexuality

2012 April Sex Camp
2 hour workshop presentation on Sex Power and the Shadow

2010 May  Pleasure Salon Melbourne
2 hour presentation on sexuality and conscious touch

2009 June and September Living Awake Festival
Topic – Sensual Harmony for Women

2009 Australian Society of Sexuality Educators Researchers and Therapists (ASSERT) Presentation sexuality and conscious touch

2004 Love TV – live audience  recording  at Loop in Melbourne.
Topic : 15 minute live  interview on femininity issues.

2004 Guest of Mistress J’s Domina Reform School for Girls

2003 Women’s Intimacy Seminar:  Mervyn Himbury Theological Studies Centre
1.5 hour lecture on Intimacy and Sexuality

2002 Australian Young Women with Breast Cancer Network Conference
Topic: alternative sex play for women with breast cancer and their partners

1992  Melbourne Men’s Centre:  Men’s Breakfast Guest Speaker
Topic:  Intimacy and Sexuality – 1 hour presentation.

1997 Australian Business Women’s Network Holistic Health Day Conference
Workshop Topic: Sacred Journeys for Women; exploring sensuality – 2 hour presentation


1996 3RRR  30 minute  interview
on ‘Sexuality for Women’ Workshops facilitated by Catherine Carter and Hayley Caspers

1987 3PBS  Three hour live interview.
Interviewer – Vanessa Pigrum.  Topics covered  Counselling, Spirituality and Sexuality

2012 ‘Ecstasy is Necessary’ By Barbara CarrellasPart of a focus group on ecstatic experiences- pages 6 and 10 and  page 246

2009 ‘An Adventure in Grief’ Autobiography  by Catherine de Courcy. (The Collins Press). Autobiographical account  including  one year in Psychotherapy  with Catherine Carter dealing with the loss of the author’s husband through suicide.  The book includes 4 chapters of private counselling and the positive outcomes relating to  Catherine Carter as her ongoing Therapist in 2003.

2007Urban Tantra’ Sacred Sex for the 21st Century.  By Barbara Carrellas. A synopsis of Catherine’s Therapy Practice printed under Resources: ‘Workshops and Private Sessions’  page  273 and   Acknowledgements page xi

2006 ‘Luxurious Loving’ – Tantric Inspirations for Passion and Pleasure  Written by Barbara Carrellas Acknowledgements page 126


2016 April 10th Sunday Age – M magazine ‘About Last Night’ column. Recovery techniques from sexual assault and PTSD

2014 December Sunday Age – M magazine ‘About Last Night’ column. Guidance for overcoming grief

2012 November Sunday Age – M magazine ‘About Last Night’ column.  Becoming more sexually present

2012 August Sunday Age – M magazine ‘About Last Night’ column.  Practical exercises to help overcome trauma from past relationships

2011  July Sunday Age – M magazine ‘About Last Night’ column. Invited to Answer readers questions on sexual trauma and fear of intimacy

2008  April Sunday Age – ‘About Last Night’ column. Name and email listed as referral for information on Tantra practices.

2007 Sunday Age – ‘About Last Night’ column co-written with Maureen Matthews Topic:  Tantra and Chakra Systems

2004 Inside out: the journal for the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy.   Article: Recovery and beyond: my experience with therapy, by Catherine de Courcy.    The author of this article was a past client of Catherine Carter’s who came to her to deal with grief and she has written a page about her counselling experience with Cath in the last four paragraphs of the article.


1997 Writers:  Kerry Armstrong, Catherine Deveny

Actors: Sigrid Thornton, Debra Lee-Furness,  Rebecca Gibney, Kerry Armstrong

Catherine was approached in 1997 by actor Kerry Armstrong for permission  for Kerry write a screen play in relation to her 3 day women’s workshops on Sensuality and the Sacred Feminine called ‘Creative Harmony’, of which Kerry had experienced with Catherine 3 years earlier.

After several meetings it was agreed that the actors and writers involved meet for a 2 day residential workshop facilitated by Catherine in order to immerse themselves into  their roles and to discover the nature of the work, under the film working title of ‘Extraordinary Women’. The workshop was successful and further pre-production meetings took place.  However, at that time other projects became a priority and this project is currently on hold.


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