Astrological Consultations

A Road Map into the Psyche

Catherine’s approach to Astrology is  humanistic and psychological rather than a predictive approach. She offers and in-depth look into your natal astrology chart.  This involves a one hour session on themes relevant to your life.

Themes could include career, relationships, family dynamics, your creativity, fears, hopes and ambitions including behaviour patterns, dreams including the symbolic world of mythology and archetypes.

Catherine  will also look into your astrological  Transits and Progressions for the upcoming year.

Catherine also offers Relationship Astrology – Composite Charts and Solar Returns.

Catherine completed three years of formal Astrology training at Astro*Synthesis in 1989 and passed the Federation of Australian Astrologers Certificate Examination.

Booking a Session:

Cost 1 hour session $120

Bookings are  essential. To make an appointment, or for more information, phone 0418 550 569 or email

24 hours notice required for cancellations otherwise a full fee will be charged


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