The Sacred Art of Conscious Touch

I am excited about  running another two hour workshop for an event called ‘Celebrating Sexuality‘ – a weekend event showcasing sex-positivity workshops,  from 14th – 16th February, 2014.

In my workshop, called ‘The Sacred Art of Conscious Touch’, I will be taking participants on  a journey into the intimacy of the most profound of all the senses – touch.  In this workshop we will engage how to touch, to really touch, with a true sense of presence.  This workshop is about trust and surrender, going beyond skin-on-skin contact, delighting in the joy of letting go into the realms of profound ecstatic pleasure.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or triggered when being touched or touching another?
Adversely, and importantly, I will also be exploring the shadow side of touch; it can be risky to reach out and touch and can bring up vulnerable feelings including fear of rejection, triggering past trauma/hurt/dissociation/isolation.   I will be teaching tools to help each person deal with their own feelings and how they can assist others/their partners to overcome shame or fear around giving/receiving intimate touch.

Engaging in a number of practical exercises, I’ll be guiding particpants through sensual self-touch to respectful and meaningful partner/group touch, inclusive of all genders. Conscious touch it is not only about the pleasure of giving wholeheartedly, but it’s also about tuning deep inside to receive touch with every ounce of our being.

Does this feel too scary for you?
To facilitate safe sex protocol and healthy boundaries during the workshop, specific genital touch instruction will be by demonstration only, using a vulva puppet and dildo, without interactive genital touch and there is no nudity.

Participation in any of the exercises is not compulsory, but I ask each participant to arrive with an open heart – my intention is for each person to feel touched in some way, whether it be emotionally or physically, and hopefully both!  


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