Should Therapists Cry?

Recently I read an article from the BBC News on Should Therapists Cry?  This is a thought provoking article and worth a read, & here is my personal response to it.

In my practice of 23 years I have shed more than one tear and although it doesn’t happened very often, in those times I have felt very moved, so it was a natural response.  If I had tried to cover my emotions up in that moment it would have sent a message to my client that it’s not OK for me to be authentic, which is the very thing I encourage my clients to be.

My Personal Experience

On each of the occasions it turned out to be validating for the client. For me, the difference as to whether it is appropriate or not is that I was able to remain present to the client – it was a response rather than a reaction, so it added to the clients experience rather than taking it away from them.

One of my all time favourite, non-fiction books is called ‘A General Theory of Love’. It is a gem of a book written by 3 psychiatrists it and includes the dynamics of relationship between client and therapist.

“An insightful look at the science of human emotions… A rare example of the fusing of scientific rigor with literary eloquence.”  San Francisco Exmainer

I would be interested to hear comments from both therapists and clients regarding whether you think Therapist should cry.

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