The Symbolic Meaning Behind the Personal Harmony Logo

I have been asked on a number of occasions as to the significance of my Personal Harmony logo –  so here is the story behind it, as written and created by the designer, Bradfield Dumpleton, having spent a few  hours in deep consultation with me, to get to the essence of who I am and the work that I do, from a mythological/archetypal perspective:

“This symbol consists of the awesome, absolute power of gentleness – a gentleness of such pure intensity that to journey into it is something verging on terrifying….. the strength of this is the core of your being. As if to somehow soften this intense energy, there dance the energies of all things of a swirling nature – the spiraling smoke of an incense, mist on a river, two snakes entwined/entranced, the whisper of silk in a wisp-of-a-breeze, or the fluid flicker of a temple torch flame – these energies are of a more earthly gentleness, and they form a dancing veil around the aforementioned core. Also within these swirling softness’s are woven elements of mystery and magic, enticement even, as well as great tranquility and understanding.

Your power symbol also contains the essences of messenger-falcon, water lily/lotus/jasmine (all white), and the serpent; the falcon (represented by its hooded eyes and beak) is your energy of swift communication and inwardly fierce determination – it is also very rich and earthy. I have a picture of you, heavily-cloaked and standing at the top of a wind howling ocean-battered cliff of some Celtic coastline, with your falcon-self alighting on your arm. The bird has just returned from a wild journey, ravaged by the sea-winds, its eyes a-blaze with a cold fire and secrets of other worlds.  This is raw, solid warrior energy.

The water-lily and jasmine are the emblems of your water maiden self – energies of purity, delicacy and sweetness. As the maiden you are clothed in a long white dress, crowned in jasmine, quietly wading into the still waters of a sacred pool – you call this pool your friend; sometime long before, you had heard of a monstrous darkness in its depths and you had taken yourself down to meet it as if under a spell.

The deeper you floated into the blackness, the more it engulfed you in its fingers of fear, though all the while you remained impassive as if in a dream. Eventually the blackness was so complete that you had become of it also, and suddenly an intense yet gentle light appeared in the gloom, as bright and silver-white as any star yet softer than any butterfly’s kiss. This was the hidden heart of water’s darkness, his gift to you for allowing yourself to go deeper than anyone else had dared.  Then you had gently returned to the surface and into the sunlight.

This beautiful quiet motion of descent/ascent is the same fluid movement of the symbol, first down and then up to greet the steady flame of spirit.  I also think of the soft spiral of an autumn leaf as it floats to the forest floor, its absorption into the rich earthy decaying mulch and then the eventual upward curl of the new shoot. This is also the lotus as emblem of your spiritual evolution.

Enrichment and enlightenment are also key words for this aspect of yourself, as well as in terms of what you have to offer others in their lives.  The other significant energy contained in this symbol is the serpent, specifically the Kundalini serpent and the divine union of the dualities. The feminine/goddess energy is strongly affirmed by the three-fold nature of the goddess and the yoni symbol as the primordial female power.

I hope you gain much use from this symbol – it stands as a doorway to some awesome and beautiful strength”.   Bradfield, 1993

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